Help: SMS Mobile Banking

SMS Mobile Banking allows you to fetch your account balances and recent account history by sending an SMS to FSFCU CU2GO.

To enroll in SMS Mobile Banking, log into the mobile banking web site and then select the "SMS Settings" menu and follow the directions.

Once your mobile phone is enrolled, you may send text messages to 86020 with the following commands:

  • B to fetch all account balances
  • H to fetch the five most recent transactions for all accounts
  • H acct to fetch the five most recent transactions for a specific account (e.g. H S0100)
  • X source dest amount to transfer dollar amount from source account to destination account (e.g. X S0100 S0500 10.00)
  • NICK to fetch list of share and loans with nicknames
  • MENU to fetch list of available commands options
  • STOP to deactivate SMS Mobile Banking

The commands are not case sensitive. For example, you can use 'b' as well as 'B' to fetch balances.

Note, standard text message and data rates from your phone carrier will apply. Message frequency depends on account settings.

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Examples of requests and responses:

Fetch all balances request:
To: 86020
Message: "B"
S0100: $6,371.04
S0500: $3,160.48
S0200: $4,939.52
L0100: $5,002.99
L0300: $129,994.05

Fetch recent transactions request:
To: 86020
Message: "H"
04/20 S0100 $9.95 Deposit KIOS
04/19 S0500 ($20.76) Withdrawal
04/19 S0200 $2.91 Deposit INTE
03/15 S0200 $100.00 Deposit KI
03/02 L0100 $5.00 Deposit KIOS

Fetch recent transactions for share S0100 request:
To: 86020
Message: "H S0100"
S0100 history:
04/19 ($20.76) Withdrawal
02/20 $5.76 Deposit INTE
01/19 $5.91 Deposit INTE
01/25 $9.99 Deposit KIOS
01/24 $2.07 Deposit KIOS

Transfer $10 from S0100 to S0500 request:
To: 86020
Message: "X S0100 S0500 10.00"
Transfer $10 from S0100 to S0500 completed.
New balances:
S0100 $100.20
S0500 $10.80
Confirmation #: 100000115

  • Error 15500: Could not access your account due to a password issue.
    This error message means your account could not be accessed to answer your SMS request. If you HAVE NOT recently changed your online banking password, please contact FSFCU CU2GO at 888-311-3728. If you HAVE recently changed your online banking password, please log into the Mobile Web site with your new password to re-enable SMS mobile banking.

  • Error 15502: Could not access account due to USERPASS LOCKOUT.
    If you receive this error message, it means your FSFCU CU2GO account has been disabled after too many invalid access attempts. Please contact FSFCU CU2GO at 888-311-3728 to unlock your account.
Supported Carriers:

The following carriers are supported:
  • Alltel
  • AT&T
  • Boost
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Cricket
  • Metro PCS
  • Nextel
  • Sprint
  • Tmobile
  • US Cellular
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Virgin Mobile
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